How to find a good 24 hour electrician in London?

An electrician is paid to deal with electrical work – something that is very dangerous. In a sense, you are entrusting your life and your home to your electrician. But you cannot fully trust an electrician if you can’t spot the traits a good electrician must have. You need to know these traits in order to find the best one that you can really be sure of that won’t let you down with his services.

What to look for in a good electrician?
Members of electrical contractors’ regulatory body – For electricians in the UK, talk to them and ask their registration number. With it, do an online search for more information about them. Ideally, they should have a NICEIC, NAPIT or ELECSA membership.
Highly skilled – They should be part P certified and qualified to the latest IEE regulations for wiring
Experienced – Ask them if they have experience about similar repair cases, and how long it took them to take care of it.
Charge reasonable rates – Discuss prices with them, and ask for quotes. Decent electricians would also have decent rates.
Follow safety protocols – If the electrician does not follow safety guidelines, then they are not worth hiring. You’ll be entrusting them with your home and your life, so be sure that they make sure they handle wiring safely.
Positive customer feedback – Check if they got legitimate good reviews on their site. More good reviews mean that they provide quality professional services.
Certification of work – Ask them if they are giving certification for their work. Good london electricians can provide this to you with no big hassles.
Tips to find a good 24 hour London electricians

Word of Mouth
Ask around. People around you would surely have experienced electrical problems somewhere in the past. They would most likely have taken the services of the nearest electricians. If the people give you recommendations for one, that’s how you’ll they really are good. If their company is offering a 24 hour london electrician, then ask about how fast their response is.
Electrical Competent Person
If they possessed the first three traits mentioned above, then they are absolutely qualified to do the job. You’ll be rest assured that they are competent in their field.
Get a Quote from at Least Three Electricians
Comparing quotes from different electricians can help you determine the best london electricians to choose. When comparing them, you set the criteria for what you want from them, and choose accordingly.
Leave Them Feedback
If you’ve found a great 24 hour electrician, then leave them your feedback about their services. You can do this in two ways: online and in person. This not only helps the electricians know that they did a good job, your review also helps the next person that needs a good electrician to choose.