How to Write Effective Presentations

Presentation writing can be a whole other beast. However, it really needs to be written properly and that’s what you need to focus your attention to. You may be good at regular writing, but if you take the same approach with your presentations, you’re just inviting disaster. Here are a few tips to make sure the presentations you write put you on top:

1. Learn to write super short and succinct for your slides. No need for full sentences if short phrases are clear enough. Elaborations are often best spoken, instead of forced to fit in your presentation materials.

2. Write consistently throughout your slides. If you write in short sentences, write that way throughout the rest of the presentation materials. It helps the audience when they know what to expect in the coming slides.

3. Write humor down before using. Improvising humor during presentations often turns up bad results.

4. Any part of the presentation you recite should complement information on the slides. Avoid surprising people with new, vital facts.

5. Don’t think in terms of word count. Think, instead, in terms of length. Since this is harder to get precisely, make sure you practice your speech and time it.

6. Give people time to think, just as you give them space to pause in written work.

7. Use a comprehensive writing software for your presentation materials. Sure, a large part of your grade will hinge on how you perform in front of the audience. Badly proofread materials, however, can cost you some points off. Make sure that doesn’t happen.

Breathing – A Way to Get Present, and a Way to Release Emotional and Physical Pain

There are four basic breathing exercises that I would like to share with you. They are progressive in nature, which means the fourth exercise is more intense and involves more physical releasing than the first exercise. With each exercise you will be over oxygenating the body, forcing excess oxygen into your muscles, and then releasing tension. Each exercise involves breathing, holding and releasing. They can be done in a progression or individually, which ever works best for you. I would encourage you to experiment. Know that what works best one day, might not be what works best next week or next year, so keep exploring and rediscovering.

These exercises can help you to get centered and to get present before a meeting. They can be used to “get the day off” so you can let go of your work life allowing you to transition into your personal life. While some people may use an alcoholic drink to do this, I don’t encourage people to drink; I do however encourage people to breath. The exercises can also create a bubble where we can each just quiet our mind and be. Therefore, you can use them before you sit down to meditate, or before you do a task that requires focus and mental discipline.

To do these exercises, you want to be in a safe place where you will not be disturbed for a few minutes. They work best while sitting in a chair, on a couch, or on the side of your bed with both feet on the floor. Do not do these exercises when you are driving, around machinery or anywhere you can get hurt. If you have a medical condition, it’s always good to check with your Doctor to see if this type of breathing is safe for you. Always take care of yourself, and don’t do anything you think will hurt you.

First Exercise

Inhale through your nose very deeply, almost to the point of over inhaling, and exhale through your mouth. These are not short breaths, but long breaths. This is not a slow inhale and exhale, but rather a quick inhale to the count of 3 to 4 seconds and then an exhale to the count of 3 to 4 seconds. You want to over oxygenate the body. You do 5 inhales and 5 exhales. On the 6th inhale, hold your breath as long as you can. While you are holding your breath, tighten your shoulders, your arms, your stomach, your buttocks, your legs and your toes. Tighten and hold. When you exhale release any tension you might be holding onto and relax your body. If you are holding a lot of tension, you will feel a rush of energy. That is the tension you have been holding in your body. Don’t be afraid of this, it will pass very quickly.

Do a quick scan of your body. What are you feeling in your shoulders, your heart area, your stomach, your buttocks, your legs, your knees, and your feet? Be aware of any tension. Sometime you will feel a pain that you haven’t felt before. This just means you have dropped to another level of awareness. Is there any tingling going on? Tingling usually starts in the feet area. This means your body is starting to come alive again. As you progress through each exercise, the tingling tends to move up the legs, into the hip area and then the rest of your body.

Second Exercise

During this exercise you will do the same type of breathing as you did in exercise one. The only difference is that you will be taking 9 breaths instead of 5 breaths. You will be taking more breaths because there are some physical movements that are added, thus you need more breathing to help over oxygenate the body.

When you inhale, raise your shoulders up high toward your ears and when you exhale, drop and release your shoulders. This will help you release any tension that you might be holding in your shoulder area. At the same time that you are raising and lowering your shoulders, I want you to dig your heals into the floor, push your knees together and push back. This will help you focus on your lower back and buttocks area. Many people hold a lot of tension in this area. Tightening and breathing into this area of the body can be very empowering.

So, putting this all together you will be inhaling, raising your shoulders, digging your heels into the floor, pushing your knees together and pushing back. When you exhale, you will release and relax all the muscles in your body.

After doing the above for 9 breaths, you’ll inhale one more time. On the 10th and final inhale, hold your breath and tighten all your muscles. Hold your breath as long as you can and then release your breath and relax all of your muscles. Quickly scan your body and notice what you are feeling in your shoulders, your heart area, your stomach, your buttocks, your legs, your knees, and your feet. Is there a change anywhere? Are you feeling less tight? Are you feeling any new pain? Has the tingling moved up your legs?

Third Exercise

During this exercise you will again do the same type of breathing as you did in exercise One and Two, only this time you will now be taking 12 breaths. On your first inhalation, push your right fist into your left palm. Relax when you exhale. On your second inhalation, grasp your fingertips together and pull apart. Relax when you exhale. During this exercise you are externalizing that inner struggle of “Come here – No, go away!” “Do this – No, Do that!” “I want you! – No, I don’t want you!”

At the same time you are pushing and pulling, I want you to dig your heals into the floor, push your knees together and push back as you did in exercise Two.

After doing the above of 12 breaths, you’ll inhale one more time. However, on the 13th and final inhale, hold your breath and tighten all your muscles. Hold your breath as long as you can and then release your breath and relax all of your muscles. Quickly scan your body and notice what has changed. Are there still places you are holding tension? Are you feeling the tingling in your lower back area?

Fourth Exercise

For this exercise you’ll want to remove any watches or excess jewelry because you are going to be very physical. During this exercise you will be inhaling and exhaling through your mouth. I want you to breathe like you would after you ran a 100 yard-dash. I want you to breath deep and fast because you will need a lot of oxygen for this exercise.

While you are breathing rapidly, I want you to be stomping your feet on the floor. I want you to stomp hard enough to make impact, but not so hard that you hurt your feet. At the same time, I want you to make two fists, and I want you to hit the couch or bed with full force. Again, not so hard that you hurt yourself, but I want you to hit the bed or couch with a strong impact. I want you to do this breathing, stomping and hitting process for a few minutes. There will be a voice inside that will say, “Okay, I’m done.” Keep going a little longer. At some point in time, I want you to take a deep breath and hold it. While you are holding your breath, I want you to keep hitting and stomping. When you can’t hold your breath any longer, exhale, sit back and relax.

Quickly scan your body and notice what you are feeling. You will be breathing. Good job. At this point, I would like you to repeat the first exercise. Take 5 deep breathes in and tense every muscle in your body, and hold your breath as long as you can. Exhale and relax. Notice what you are thinking. Your mind will be empty and quiet. Nice. It’s possible to go through life with our mind being quiet. You are now present. Breathe in and enjoy.

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Robert C. Jameson focuses on helping clients understand and overcome issues, such as anger, hurt, depression, anxiety, love, relationships, boundaries and limiting beliefs, to name a few. During his years of private practice, Mr. Jameson found it useful to give many of his clients “homework” in the form of handouts to support their work while in session. The Keys to Joy-Filled Living was born from his handout of tried and true exercises and techniques.

Make the Recipient Feel Special Through Exclusive 18th and 30th Birthday Presents

Stepping into the 18th year marks the beginning of a new phase of one’s life where an individual is officially declared to be an adult. Thus, if you have been invited in any such event, you must select a present based on the specialty of the occasion. Wandering about the physical stores in the market and browsing through the sites where the gifts are available will help you come across some exclusive 18th birthday presents that you can take into account for gifting it to the recipients. Even the 30th birthday of an individual is quite important, which in turn, makes a wide range of 30th birthday presents available both online as well offline.

Boys are very fond of sport activities. Therefore, as 18th birthday presents, the guys can be gifted anything related to their favorite sports. If he loves playing hockey or cricket, a kit with all the related stuff would be the best option. The accessories that could associate them with their favorite teams would be perfect for the birthday boys. Even in their mid-age, the gentlemen are crazy about their favorite sports. Hence, a T-shirt with the flag of their favorite sports team would bring out their hidden passion for their favorite sports. Thus, the sports and related packages would be the ideal 30th birthday presents for the gentlemen.

Jewelry can be a perfect item if the recipient is a girl. Whether a girl is 16 year old or she is a 60 year old lady, she would love to receive jewelry as her gift. Fashion or real jewelry is the most preferable item as 18th birthday presents. Women always love to adorn themselves and they always consider jewels as their first decorative item. However, in case of the 18th birthday, the girls prefer fashion jewelries with numerous designs and eye-catching looks. Whereas, in their mid-age, the ladies love to wear real ones made of gold and diamonds. Thus, the real jewelries are the best 30th birthday presents for the females.

A long trip arranged for the birthday boys and girls would work well as ideal 18th birthday presents. Don’t plan it for the family, in fact, invite your child’s friends for the trip. At their age, spending time with friends would be a more thrilling experience that will help them get several precious memories for lifetime. A getaway can also be a good option as 30th birthday presents. But in this case, the mid-aged recipient would love to spend some time with his family rather going out with friends. Because of being busy with their work, it becomes difficult for these individuals to give enough time to the family. This trip would be the best way to make up for all the missed moments.

If your boy or girl is a music lover, devices like iPod, MP3 player, etc. would be the perfect 18th birthday presents. This will help them listen to their favorite songs whenever they desire to. Music is not only the love of youngsters, but even the ones turning 30 love it. For the mid-aged ones, you can gather the CDs of his favorite music albums and gift it to him. These 30th birthday presents will give them a chance to refresh themselves from their work tensions.