A Dubious Presentation

It is known fact and widely acknowledged
We are used to the life which is double edged
We do exactly the opposite and pretend
Presentation of rosy picture likely to send

No one should be blamed for this intentional act
It is inherently inbuilt with possible intention to react
No on may be prepared to accept it as exposure
They will resort to any avail means to make it sure

We laugh at our own folly
Don’t share the blame wholly
Pass the buck and defend on false pretext
Yield to irrelevance and quote out of context

No on e can this mean mentality
It is draw back and we can feel only pity
We may try to present it in dubious manner
It can’t be detected by any scanner

We have certainly mastered the art
Others are fool and we are only smart
It may be met with very good break and start
It will be equally painful when we are forced to part

The end result may be on expected lines
We all may be running after false shine
Who will prefer to be on gloomy side?
The difference in perception in very wide

We go on protecting the falsehood
The perceptional difference is not at all understood
It may give momentary joy or relief
You may know it well but won’t strengthen your belief

We realize the facts but pretend not to know
We also know it may prove as disastrous blow
We seriously go for it and prefer to grow
It is naturally a step forward to push us into gallows